Great Road

    At the Heart of Great Road

Situated on a commanding corner of the ancient Great Road to Mendon, Massachusetts, Hearthside is the jewel of the Great Road Historic District. Hearthside is a most unusual sight---a majestic stone mansion, with its full height front columned porch, and graceful, curved gable roof sitting amongst the picturesque landscape and other notable historic buildings.

Great Road is unique in the number of historic properties still intact that it earned a designation on the National Register of Historic Places. Because of this significant investment by the Town for preserving these properties that Lincoln has been designated as a Preserve America community. Great Road was also named as Rhode Island’s first Scenic Byway because of the rich cultural landscape in this section known as the Moshassuck River Valley District. It is Great Road’s historic and rural character that help serve as a unique backdrop for historic programming provided by the Friends of Hearthside. 

To maintain the significant historic character, the Friends of Hearthside have extended their stewardship beyond that of Hearthside to include care of the neighboring town-owned properties of the Hannaway Blacksmith Shop, Chase Farm Park, and Moffett Mill, joining the Town of Lincoln as a partner in preserving Great Road for heritage education, tourism and recreation.
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